Indi and I began our special relationship in 2021. 

I had seen Indi thousands of times over the last 20 years but we began seeing each other differently in 2021 when I responded to a call out to participate in an online art project through The Performance Space, Sydney called Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Germination.

I should state here that Indi is in fact an Indigofera australis – a beautiful shrub of the pea family – that lines our forest track.

Artists Luke George (Australia) and Daniel Kok (Singapore) created the online art movement enlisting the participation of plants as collaborators, mediators and audience. Fellow “plantitas” joined from across Australia and Asia. It was the time of COVID and we were able to interact together with our plants online and from the comfort of our own home, or in my case, my forest. The Germination online activities and workshops culminated in a digital exhibition— Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City): Virtual Nursery—which took place as an online performance during The Performance Space’s 2021 Liveworks Festival. It is still available online – the link is below.

In the following year, 2022, Sting joined in. Indi, Sting and I participated in Hundreds + Thousands live peformance at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) and TPS (The Performance Space) Liveworks Festival. See the webpage for Sting for more info about our Sydney adventures.

Stills from video works ‘Indi digitalis respiring digits’ exhibited as part of Liveworks | Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City)/ Virtual Nursery online, The Performance Space, Sydney, 2021.
Link to the online artwork Virtual Nursery | Hundreds + Thousands