Creating insects is valuable to my understanding of the complexity and fragility of our ecosystem.

Giant stinging tree leaf beetle creates lace from the large stinging tree leaves. It is the chrysomelid beetle Hoplostines laporteae (formerly H. viridipennis). Photos from the making of the beetle + photo from inaturalist by Nicholas John Fisher. Link to an article about Giant Stinging Trees and associated species by Paula Peeters Paperbark Writer.

Chequered Cuckoo Bee (Thyreus caeruleopunctatus). Like the bird species this bee lays its eggs in another bee species nest to look after such as the unsuspecting blue-banded bee. We have learnt so much from my father’s photos of the tiny creatures in our forest. This beautiful vibrant bee is the inspiration behind my jewellery piece ‘biodiversity or die’ that I created for the ‘Vale: Vivi’ punk celebration of Vivienne Westwood event in Brisbane by the Stitchery Collective earlier this year. Bee photo: Des Richens, outfit photo: Gayle Richens