portrait of

Portrait of was a series of works in the 1990s. They were like a cinematic snapshot of time of people in the arts world rather than taking on the role of a ‘portrait’ of a sitter. Hence they were named ‘Portrait of’ and then the initial of the sitter/s in brackets.

From the 1980s to 2000s much of my work was print based, I created series of portraits in domestic and urban environments using photography, photocopying and preprinted objects all collaged and drawn or painted on and then reworked and recopied with some ending up at billboard size.

Installation of images exhibited as part of FRAMES OF REFERENCE: aspects of feminism and art, group exhibition as part of Dissonance, Artspace/Wharf 3/4, Sydney, 1991

Portrait of, exhibited at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane & First Draft West, Sydney, 1990

Portrait of (BD)’ diptych, IMAGINE THAT exhibition, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Brisbane, 1987

11 billboards around Brisbane, INTERFACE: City as a work of art, Queensland Bicentennial Art Spaces Project, Brisbane, 1988 + installation of billboard at the Qld Art Gallery

Milburn + Arte exhibition

The Artworker: seductive or overworked