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Forest conversations

series of sound works – Soundcloud
+ sound and video works – YouTube

Thank you: Orana Arts Studio Co!Lab
This program is proudly funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Forest conversations – Frogs discuss shortness of rain event
Tabbil Forest frogs discuss shortness of rain event then suddenly stop, thunder rumbles, birds alert us to approaching storm. 
Forest conversations – Tabbil Forest Pied Butcher Birds 
It’s morning time. The open forest clearing becomes the amphitheater for key discussions for the day. Pied Butcher Birds make announcements. Other birds discuss. Pied Currawong takes its leave.
Forest conversations – Tabbil Forest Creek at dusk
We all go about our business. I’ve just finished a session removing some invasive weeds. Sweet pungent lantana fragrance is still on the air and milk vine sap sticky on my gloves. I stop – still – to ponder, observe, listen, smell, record. 
The bird life have been watching what’s been going on. They discuss and fly around this erect creature to check out what’s going to happen next. The creature is still. They go about their business. It’s dusk – time for finalising the day’s business for these species. The night critters are soon to come.

Video works – YouTube

Forest conversations – Nightscape
cast: Bunya nut tree, Tabbil Forest & night sky • sound: Tabbil Forest night critters – crickets, frogs, nightjar, katydid

Forest conversations – Sunrise pink
Crickets and other night critters sing farewell to the night sky then a cachophony of birdsong greets the morning through sun-speckled pink light.

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Performative Portraits

series of 5 videos, exhibited as part of ‘Artists in Volatile Landscapes’, Regional Futures project, Casula Powerhouse, 2023

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‘Indi digitalis respiring digits’ + ‘Sting dressed to dance’

part of a series of videos, still & performative sculptural works, exhibited as part of Liveworks | Hundreds + Thousands (Multi-City) / Virtual Nursery online, The Performance Space, Sydney, 2022 & 2021 & Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, 2022

‘Indi digitalis respiring digits – breath’
Artist Jane Richens; sound – Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Tingshuo, Tainan)  + Tabbil Forest critters; videography – Brian Doherty

‘Indi digitalis respiring digits – scream’
Artist Jane Richens; sound – Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Tingshuo, Tainan)  + Tabbil Forest critters; videography – Brian Doherty

‘Sting dressed to dance – Giant Stinging Tree – Dendrocnide excelsa’
Artist Jane Richens; sound – Tabbil Forest critters

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Science + Dance zoom dance party

Art + Science microchat: Brian Doherty, Jane Richens interview Mark Temple – component of the Paterson Allyn Williams Science & Ideas Hub online dance party event